Volume 8 No 2 (2010)
From Quantum Wetware to Mental Illness: A Section Editor's First Interim Progress Report
 Donald Mender
Pages: 115 - 119
A Historical View of the Relation Between Quantum Mechanics and the Brain: A Neuroquantologic Perspective
 Sultan Tarlaci
Pages: 120 - 136
The Fractal Nature of the Brain: EEG Data Suggests That the Brain Functions as a “Quantum Computer” in 5‐8 Dimensions
 John Gardiner, Robyn Overall, Jan Marc
Pages: 137 - 141
Near Death Experiences: A New Algorithmic Approach to Verifying Consciousness Outside the Brain
 Valerie Laws and Elaine Perry
Pages: 142 - 154
Non Local Effects in The Process of Dying: Can Quantum Mechanics Help?
 Peter Fenwick
Pages: 155 - 163
Quantum Nonlocality: Does Nature also Perform the Trick via a Biological Route?
 Fred H. Thaheld
Pages: 164 - 167
Consciousness and Everett's Many‐Mind Interpretation
 Evgeny Ivanov
Pages: 178 - 183
Implications of a Multiverse String Cosmology
 Richard Ruquist
Pages: 184 - 190
Spontaneous Neocortical Activity and Cognitive Functions: A Neuron‐Astroglial Bio‐Magnetic and Self‐ Organized Process
 Marcos Arturo Martínez Banaclocha Helios Martínez Banaclocha
Pages: 191 - 199
Making Connectivities: Neuroanthropology and Ecological Ethics
 Arthur Saniotis
Pages: 200 - 205
Introduction of Consciousness in Electromagnetic Theory, Special and General Theory of Relativity
 Ram Lakhan Pandey Vimal
Pages: 206 - 230
Quantum Nonlocality, Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen Argument, and Consciousness
 Narayanankutty Karuppath and Achuthan Panajikunnath
Pages: 231 - 236
How Mental Genes Make the Human Mental Complex and Control Its Functioning: Transition From The Genetic Mind to the Intelligent Mind
 Sadia Tariq, Raza Kazim , Iram Tauqir
Pages: 237 - 259
Handbook of Cultural Developmental Science”
 Edited by Marc H. Bornstein
Pages: 260 - 261