Volume 8 No 3 (2010)
Subject‐Object Duality and States of Consciousness: A Quantum Mechanical Approach
 Rajat Kumar Pradhan
Pages: 262 - 278
Universal Field of Quantum Consciousness: An Ontological Nexus of Classical and Quantum Physics
 Sirajul Husain
Pages: 279 - 286
Abstractions of Emergence in Electromagnetic Complex Spaces
 Antonio Manzalini
Pages: 287 - 303
Towards a Theory of Everything Part II Introduction of Consciousness in Schrödinger Equation and Standard Model
 Ram Lakhan Pandey Vimal
Pages: 304 - 313
Quantum Mechanics Meets Cognitive Science: Explanatory vs Descriptive Approaches
 Reinhard Blutner
Pages: 314 - 318
Why the Concept of “Quantum Brain” was not Discovered in 1940s
 Why the Concept of “Quantum Brain” was not Discovered in 1940s
Pages: 322 - 336
Why Jaegwon Kim’s Physicalism is Not Near Enough An Implicit Argument for a non‐Cartesian Interactionism Part I
 David Scharf
Pages: 337 - 353
Synchronicity Phenomena by C.G. Jung: Perspectives of Study and Possible Psychophysiological Substantiation
 Igor V. Limar
Pages: 354 - 358
Could The Human Mind Be a Product of Mental Genes: A Nonbiological Component of Brain Genes?
 Sadia Tariq, Raza Kazim , Iram Tauqir
Pages: 359 - 377
Quantum Entanglement: Can We "See" the Implicate Order? Philosophical Speculations
 Michele Caponigro, Xiaojiang Jiang, Ravi Prakash Ram Lakhan Pandey Vimal
Pages: 378 - 389
The Neuron: The Basis for Processing and Propagation of Information in the Nervous System
 Eleonore Fröhlich
Pages: 403 - 415
Continuum Electrostatics in Cell Biology
 Lucian John Gagliardi
Pages: 416 - 429
Some Additions in the Algorithm for Out of Body Experiences
 Xiaojiang Jiang, Ravi Prakash
Pages: 430 - 431