Volume 9 No 1 (2011)
Dreams, Telepathy, and Various States of Consciousness
 Stanley Krippner and Cheryl Fracasso
Pages: 1 - 4
Across Cultural Boundaries: Psychophysiological Responses, Absorption, and Dissociation Comparison Between Brazilian Spiritists and Advanced Meditators
 Joan H. Hageman, Stanley Krippner, an Wickramasekera
Pages: 5 - 21
The Interpretation of Telepathy‐like Effects: A Novel Electromagnetic and Synchronistic Version of the Psychoanalytic Model
 Alan S. Haas
Pages: 22 - 35
The Biophysics at Death: Three Hypotheses With Potential Application to Paranormal Phenomena
 Michael A. Persinger and Linda S. St‐Pierre
Pages: 36 - 40
Near‐Death Experiences and the Possibility of Disembodied Consciousness Challenges to Prevailing Neurobiological and Psychosocial Theories
 Cheryl Fracasso and Harris Friedman
Pages: 41 - 53
Shamanism and the Evolutionary Origins of Spirituality and Healing
 Shamanism and the Evolutionary Origins of Spirituality and Healing
Pages: 54 - 71
Models of the Out‐of‐Body Experience: A New Multi‐Etiological Phenomenological Approach
 Vernon M. Neppe
Pages: 72 - 83
The Antique Roadshow: How Denier Movements Debunk Evolution, Climate Change, and Nonlocal Consciousness
 Stephan A. Schwartz
Pages: 118 - 128
Visions, Hallucinations, and Dreams in the Context of Body Wisdom and Chaos Theory
 Kenneth C. Bausch
Pages: 129 - 134
Addicted to Bliss: Looking for Ecstasy in All the Wrong Places
 Stanley Krippner and Dustin Dunbar
Pages: 135 - 144
Intuition, Telepathy, and Interspecies Communication: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
 Deborah L. Erickson
Pages: 145 - 152
Entanglement, Correlation, Causality and the Analogy of the Dreaming Brain
 Thomas G. Schumann
Pages: 153 - 156
The Role of the Observer in the Collapse of the Wave Function: A Cognitive and Linguistic Analysis of the Double Slits Experiment
 Wasney de Almeida Ferreira
Pages: 166 - 181
Consciousness and Hallucinations: Molecular Considerations and Theoretical Questions
 Massimo Cocchi, Lucio Tonello , Fabio Gabrielli, Massimo Pregnolato
Pages: 182 - 189
Psychiatry and Reality Perception of Matter or Matter of Perception?
 Ursula Werneke
Pages: 190 - 201
A Medical Informatics View of Quantum Computation
 Donald F. Parsons
Pages: 202 - 205