Volume 9 No 4 (2011)
The Equation We’re Looking For Must Be Very Simple!
 Sultan Tarlacı
Pages: 601 - 602
The Equation We’re Looking For Must Be Very Simple!
 Sultan Tarlacı
Pages: 601 - 602
Classical and "Quantum‐like" Views of the Genetic Code
 Tidjani Négadi
Pages: 603 - 604
Temporal Patterns of Photon Emissions Can Be Stored and Retrieved Several Days Later From the “Same Space”: Experimental and Quantitative Evidence
 Michael A. Persinger and Blake T. Dotta
Pages: 605 - 613
The Subjective Interpretation of Quantum Physics
 Quentin Ruyant
Pages: 621 - 635
A Meta-mathematical Approach Toward an Explanation of Entanglement A Topological Model
 Mark Mac Dowell and Ramakrishna Puligandla
Pages: 636 - 639
A Proposed Mathematical Model of Tumor Growth and Host Consciousness
 Miroslaw Kozlowski and Janina Marciak-Kozlowska
Pages: 640 - 648
The Mind, Intergalactic Space, and Phi
 Jeffrey S. Keen
Pages: 649 - 659
Isomorphic Concepts for Uncertainty Between Consciousness and Some Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics
 Franz Klaus Jansen
Pages: 660 - 668
Consciousness, Subconsciousness, Theory of States of Mind and its Applications
 Alexander Ya Temkin
Pages: 669 - 680
Bioplasma Concept of Consciousness
 Adam Grzegorz Adamski
Pages: 681 - 691
The Quantum Workings of the Rotating 64‐Grid Genetic Code
 Fernando Castro‐Chavez
Pages: 728 - 746
The Multiplet Structure of the Genetic Code, from One and Small Number
 Tidjani Négadi
Pages: 767 - 771
On Rakočević’s Amino Acid Biosynthetic Precursors Relations
 Tidjani Négadi
Pages: 772 - 784
A “Quantum-Like” Approach to the Genetic Code
 Tidjani Négadi
Pages: 785 - 798
Matrix Genetics and Algebraic Properties of the Multi-Level System of Genetic Alphabets
 Sergey V. Petoukhov
Pages: 799 - 820
Genetic Code as a Coherent System
 Miloje M. Rakočević
Pages: 821 - 841
On the Fusion of Physics and Klein Bottle Logic in Biology, Embryogenesis and Evolution
 Diego Lucio Rapoport
Pages: 842 - 861
Surmounting the Cartesian Cut: Klein Bottle Logophysics, the Dirac Algebra and the Genetic Code
 Diego Lucio Rapoport
Pages: 862 - 881
Altered States of Consciousness Occurring During Expanded Sexual Response in the Human Female Preliminary Definitions
 H. Ümit Sayin
Pages: 882 - 891
The Nature of the Relation Between Psychology and Physics: An Argument for a Central Role of Electromagnetism in Thought and Behavior
 Alan S. Haas
Pages: 892 - 909
Neural Networks that Emulate Qubits
 John Robert Burger
Pages: 910 - 916