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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2019.17.5.2363

The Physiology of Incarnation Process; Lessons from Pre-birth Experiences and Reincarnation-type Cases

James Paul Pandarakalam


Subjective sciences fail the cast iron scientific test of replicability and struggle to get acclaimed by the mainstream sciences. The world’s major faith traditions embrace the concept of a spiritual body formed in another dimension which incarnates into the product of conception while in the embryonic or foetal stage. The refoulement process has significance in the ethical discussion of such diverse matters as induced abortion and embryonic stem-cell research. The most dynamic phenomenon in human physiology is the incarnation process, which distinguishes human beings from the rest of the animal kingdom even though the evidence for the actual incarnation process may be admittedly fragmentary. A cluster of paranormal phenomena may be associated with it, such as telepathy, tele-somatic features, announcing dreams – those which convey information about the child a woman is carrying or going to be and apparitional experiences. Study of the incarnation process would be a valuable contribution to the embryonic and developmental physiology where such a phenomenon is not currently even thought about. It also contests the ultra-reductionist views developing in particle physics. If near death experiences probably indicate where we go after physical extinction, pre-birth experiences hint us about our roots and the beginning of our spiritual evolution. Reincarnation may be only a scientific idea and not a scientific truth, but theoretical speculations presented in this paper may help to bring about further progress in this research arena.


incarnation, reincarnation, intermission memories, consciousness, discarnate survival, tele-somatic influence

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