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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2015.13.4.891

Experimental Evidence of Superposition and Superimposition of Cerebral Activity Within Pairs of Human Brains Separated by 6,000 Km: Central Role of the Parahippocampal Regions

Nicolas Rouleau, Lucas W. Tessaro, Kevin S. Saroka, Mandy A. Scott, Brendan S. Lehman, Lyndon M. Juden-Kelly, Michael A. Persinger


Previous experiments with chemiluminescent reactions indicated that when two loci separated by “non-local†distances shared specific temporal parameters of rotating magnetic fields with changing angular velocities the photon emissions doubled as if the spaces were superimposed. This excess correlation was considered an experimental demonstration of macroscopic entanglement. In the present study standardized LORETA (Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography) was employed to identify the location within pairs of human brains separated by approximately 6,000 km but who shared the same magnetic field parameters known to produce manifestations of entanglement. We predicted that when the frequency increment-dependent current densities within the cerebral volumes of the pairs during the entanglement condition were subtracted the regions with the minimum difference would simulate this superimposition. This superimposition occurred primarily for the theta band (4-8 Hz) within the parahippocampal regions, particularly within the right hemisphere, but only during the effector component of the exposure procedure when “entanglement†has been shown to occur. The results are consistent with the observations for photon emissions and shifts in the pH of spring water that demonstrated the properties of excess correlation between two loci. They exhibited the superposition of entanglement and the superimposition of space when a specific sequence of changing angular velocities circularly rotating magnetic fields was shared despite the non-locality.


LORETA (Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography), parahippocampal region; entanglement; excess correlation; theta-activity; rotating magnetic fields; toroids; Arduino

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