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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2015.13.4.876

Quantum Walk Founds Over Dispersion of Field Random Number Generator Output: Mind Over Matter Through Quantum Processes

Takeshi Shimizu, Masato Ishikawa


Recent field RNG studies have reported that chi-square values of random number generator (RNG) outputs become highly significant when a large audience focuses on coherent events. Since the statistics are typically computed based on binomial distribution, RNG outputs are in a statistical state of over dispersion, lacking a framework for their interpretation. Notably, the Quantum Walk (QW) has the potential to detect such anomalies, since its distribution exhibits larger variances than binomial distribution. The current study focused on the distribution of QW and discusses several conditions. We assume that field consciousness unintentionally changes RNG output into chunks of Quanta that are mixed among the RNG output having its length. Using the concept of the quantum chunk, the proportions of test findings, which include the quantum chunk, are estimated. The current model estimates that about 1%-1.5% Qbits are mixed within a trial, based on results of previous significant field RNG experiments. Finally, several methodological tasks for the future are discussed.


Hadamard matrix; over dispersion; random number generator; field-RNG; psychokinesis.

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