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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2008.6.1.153

Concerning Spin as Mind-Pixel: How Mind Interacts with the Brain Through Electric Spin Effects

Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu


Electric spin effects are effects of electric fields on the dynamics/motions of nuclear/electron spins and related phenomena. Since classical brain activities are largely electric, we explore here a model of mind-brain interaction within the framework of spin-mediated consciousness theory in which these effects in the varying high-voltage electric fields inside neural membranes and proteins mediate mind-brain input and output processes. In particulars, we suggest that the input processes in said electric fields are possibly mediated by Dirac- Hestenes electric dipoles and/or spin transverse forces both of which are associated with the nuclear/electronic spin processes. We then suggest that the output processes (proactive spin processes) in said electric fields possibly also involve Dirac-Hestenes electric dipole interactions in said electric fields and Dirac negative energy extraction processes, shown by Solomon, of nuclei/electrons besides non-local processes driven by quantum information. We propose that these output processes modulate the action potentials, thus influencing the brain, by affecting the cross-membrane electric voltages and currents directly and/or indirectly through changing the capacitance, conductance and/or battery in the Hudgkin-Huxley model. These propositions are based on our own experimental findings, further theoretical considerations, and studies reported by others in the fields of spintronics, high-energy physics and alternative energy research.


spin; mind-pixel; electric spin effect; spin transverse force; Dirac-Hestenes electric dipole; electric field; proactive spin

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