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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2003.1.3.22

A Reply to Mashour: From TOP (theory of psychiagenia) to TOE (theory of everything)

Ivan O Godfroid


I thank Dr. Mashour for his thoughtful comments, in particular for emphasizing the importance of the concept of a common root to both mind and brain. This is to me the key to the theory of psychiagenia (TOP). Dr. Mashour objects to the choice of string theory as a possible solution for the mind-brain problem. He stresses that this theory is still unproven – which is true, but this was already discussed in my paper. Moreover, the fact that string theory might takes TOP “out of the realm of neutral monism†is uncertain, as the nature of the elementary string significantly differs from particles. I appreciate fully that Dr. Mashour has difficulties with the idea of counterintuitive extra-dimensions, but I assume that this is necessary to offer a new perspective to our debate. TOP surely needs experimentation, and this is my priority. As already stated, the placebo effect, because of its intriguing similarities with the quantum theory (e.g., unpredictability, poor reproducibility, statistics-based predictions), is an option.


Psychiagenia, theory of psychiagenia

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