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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2009.7.2.224

Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics and Emptiness

Michele Caponigro, Ravi Prakash


The underlying physical reality is a central notion in the interpretations of quantum mechanics. The a priori physical reality notion affect the corresponding interpretation. This paper explore the possibility to establish a relationship between philosophical concept of physical reality in Nagarjuna's epistemology (emptiness) and the picture of underlying physical reality in Einstein, Rovelli and Zeilinger positions. This analysis bring us to conclude that the notion of property of a quantum object is untenable. We can only speak about relational property of the object. On this basis, we are stimulated to build a new ontology of underlying physical reality: a relational ontology. Finally, we argue that Nagarjuna's view is comparable with Rovelli's interpretation of quantum mechanics. These views eliminate the privileged role of the observer.


Einstein; Rovelli; Zeilinger; Nagarjuna; Madhyamika; Relational Ontology

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