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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2009.7.2.230

On the Supersymmetry Between Universe and Human Mind

Taechang Kang


There were only two non-commutative time black holes at which three pairs of superstrings and three pairs of D3-brane oscillate trapped in three-dimensional time, going back before big bang. The chaos motion between the two noncommutative time black holes gave rise to big bang, from which four-dimensional spacetime acting on gravity and six-dimensional spacetime doing on anti-gravity have been set up as the universe. Further from here, the six-dimensional spacetime exercising anti-gravity bands non-commutatively together with the two non-commutative time black holes. Through banding between the two, the 6(7)-dimensional curled-up spacetime of Superstring theory that has supersymmetry between graviton and gravitino comes to be ubiquitous all over the macroscopic four-dimensional spacetime. The ‘superfluidity’ embracing regular fluid with breached pair of the new D(3+1)-brane which comes from the 6(7)-dimensional moduli spacetime by supersymmetry breaking exerts dark energy that inflates the universe at an accelerating pace.


Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Holographic Relativity, Supersymmetry, Supersymmetry breaking, Tetra-quark and Penta-quark

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