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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2010.8.1.262

Toward a Quantum Psychiatry: Hallucination, Thought Insertion and DSM

Gordon Globus


The Bleulerian “splitting†that characterizes hallucination and thought insertion in schizophrenia is difficult to explain in the classical neurophysics context of nonlinear brain dynamics where compromise—the very antithesis of splitting—is fundamental. Hallucination and thought insertion become intelligible in the framework of thermofield brain dynamics (TBD). The clinical classification found in The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM) is of practical value but not founded on basic principles. TBD is able to generate common diagnoses in a systematic way as disorders of “self-tuning†(autotonoesis). This encourages further investigation into quantum psychiatry.


DSM; quantum psychiatry; mental disorders

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