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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2010.8.1.267

Commentary on “Towards a quantum Psychiatry: Hallucinations, Thought Insertion and DSM”

Mansoor A. Malik


Hallucinations and thought insertion are some of the more interesting phenomena encountered in mental illness. In his article in this issue of NeuroQuantology, Dr. Globus advances a novel mechanism based on quantum physics to explain these perplexing experiences. He develops and refines the ideas proposed by Umezawa and Vitiello and applies insights based on thermofield quantum brain dynamics to psychopathology. In an impressive ontological shift, he maps consciousness to the "tuning together" of water dipoles in the brain and their dissipative surroundings and reasons that psychotic phenomena may arise due the malfunction of this tuning. He further proposes a revision of the diagnostic classification system in psychiatry to utilize these insights. This commentary explores his ideas further and discusses some of the implications and limitations of his reasoning.


DSM, hallucinations, quantum psychiatry

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