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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.6.1598

Monitoring Information Pre-warning System of Foundation Pit Engineering Based on Human Brain Cortex RBF Neural Network

Xuan Ji, Hesong Hu, Zhuo Yang, Mengxiong Tang


For the requirements of information, integration and sharing of foundation pit monitoring, a monitoring information pre-warning system of foundation pit engineering based on human brain cortex RBF neural network Kalman filtering algorithm has developed on the Revit platform. The neural network algorithm is embedded in the system to achieve scientific pre-warning of system through the powerful de-noising function of human brain cortex RBF neural network Kalman filtering algorithm. At the same time, the system also boasts functions, such as storage, processing, analysis, and inquiry of monitoring information and automation output. The system relies on the Revit platform to realize information sharing and multi-person cooperation, which improves the running efficiency under the network environment and provides a powerful information platform for foundation pit monitoring.


Human Brain Cortex RBF Neural Network, Kalman Filtering Algorithm, Pre-warning System, BIM Integrated Management

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