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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.6.1611

Neural Network Predictive Control Method of Sand Mixing Device

Meiqiu Li, Yuanhua Zhou, Ye Tian, Bangxiong Wu


In the process of oil extraction, fracturing technology has been widely used as a viable means to increase oil and gas permeability, and sand mixing device is one of the important devices in fracturing process. Based on the working process of the second-stage sand agitator tank, this study establishes the kinetic equations of the mixing process of the second-stage sand mixing device, proposes a network predictive control algorithm based on BP neural network, analyzes its dynamic matrix predictive control structure and apply it to predictive control of the agitator tank of blender. The simulation experiment proves that the neural network control algorithm can effectively improve the control quality of the mixing device of the blender and improve the sand mixing effects.


Sand Mixing, BP, Neural Network, Predictive Control, Fracturing

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