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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.6.1613

Location Decision of Logistics Distribution Centers Based on Artificial Neural Network

Jinting Nie


With the never-ending changes and improvements of science and technology and the rapid development of economy, modern logistics plays an increasingly important role in social and economic development. As an important link between enterprises and consumers, logistics distribution is critical in the smooth development of logistics activities, and the reasonable location of logistics distribution centers is directly related to the distribution efficiency, logistics cost and consumer satisfaction of enterprises. Therefore, this paper studies the location decision of logistics distribution centers, and with the aid of artificial neural network, which can simulate the neural network of human brain and reproduce the process of brain thinking decision, establishes the BP neural network evaluation model, and evaluates the merits and demerits of several location plans with examples. The results show that the method based on artificial neural network is effective and practical, and provides a new idea for the location decision of logistics distribution centers.


Logistics, Distribution Centers, BP Neural Network, Neuron, Location Problem

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