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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.6.1640

Post-Stroke Neuroprotection and Repair of Astrocytes

Yuyan Jiang, Yinghao Zhi, Liangtang Guo, Yuyan Jiang


This paper aims to analyse the neuroprotection and repair of astrocytes after cerebral stroke. To this end, the activities of astrocytes under normal and hypoxia conditions were studied, and the glutamate uptake ability of cells was analysed by colorimetry. The results show that the glutamate uptake ability of astrocytes under both hypoxia and normal conditions can be inhibited by channel inhibitors. When cerebral hemorrhage is gradually prolonged, astrocyte proliferation is more and more obvious. Therefore, it is concluded that there is a close relationship between astrocytes and stroke; the cells proliferation shall have an effect on neuroprotection and repair, which needs to be inhibited by channel inhibitors.


Astrocyte, Neuroprotection, Nerve Repair

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