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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2011.9.4.435

The Subjective Interpretation of Quantum Physics

Quentin Ruyant


This paper proposes a new interpretation of quantum physics that encompasses the first-person and third-person perspective and provides a solution to the mind-body problem. First, a definition of phenomenal existence and a simple metaphysical model of mind are derived from the principles of irreducibility, distinction and persistence. Then it is shown that this process of existence can be associated, within physical representation, with the wave function collapse of quantum physics. A new interpretation of quantum physics, close to the relational interpretation, follows and the relational nature of our scientific knowledge is emphasised. Finally, in light of this interpretation, I analyse the differences between plain existence and consciousness and determine the physical condition for emergence of the latter. This view is confronted with neuroscientific models of consciousness.


Quantum mind; Relational interpretation; Existentialism; Panexperientialism; Chaotic dynamics

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