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doxycycline Home > Archives > Volume 18, No 1 (2020) > Article

DOI: 10.14704/nq.2020.18.1.NQ19103

From RNA to the Genetic Code and Back

Tidjani Négadi


In this paper, which is an extension of a very recent one, we show, in a first part, that starting from RNA, more exactly, from the detailed atomic composition of its basic components, the four ribonucleotides UMP, CMP, AMP and GMP, full of Fibonacci numbers, we can derive the “One-Number Model” of the genetic code which was introduced by us some years ago, in 2007. In a second new and original part, we consider the opposite way, that is, starting from the “One- Number Model”, we can recover, in the detail, the atomic composition of the four ribonucleotides, from which we started, and the “circle is complete”.


From RNA to the Genetic Code and Back

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