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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2020.18.3.NQ20151

Effects of Substrate Type on Some Optical and Dispersion Properties of Sprayed CdO Thin Films

Firdous Shaker Ahmed, Nagham Yassin Ahmed, Reem Sami Ali, Nadir Fadhil Habubi, Khalid Haneen Abass, Sami Salman Chiad


Cadmium oxide films were grown on three different substrate types (glass, quartz, ITO) by spray pyrolysis technique SPT. Transmittance spectra were recorded to obtain some optical parameters. The transmittance decreased when the glass substrate replaced with quartz or ITO glass, while the reflectance increase by increasing wavelength and also by changing kind of substrate. Real and imaginary parts of dielectric constant indicate that both constants have a higher value when the film deposited on ITO glass substrate Urbach energy increased by changing the substrate from slide glass to ITO glass. Single effective oscillator model used to determine dispersion parameters is decreased when the glass substrate replaced with quartz or ITO glass substrate.


CdO, SPT, Optical Properties, Dispersion Parameters, Urbach Energy

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