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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2020.18.1.NQ20113

Cd, Sn, Te, and Xe Isobars at (A=116) under the Framework of (IBM-1)

Huda Talal Sulaiman, Reem Sami Ali, Muntadhair Jawad Khoudhair, Sahar Abdul Aziz Mohammed


The interacting boson model (IBM-1) has been used In the study of the nuclear structure of even-even nuclei Cd, Sn, Te, and Xe Of the same mass number (A=116), the dynamical symmetry of these isobars are determined in the region SU(5)-O(6), SU(5) and O(6). The energy level and transition energy are calculated and are all agreement with experimental data, also the binding energy and potential energy are calculated.


Potential Energy, Experimental Data, Neutron in Nucleus, Speed of Light

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