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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2020.18.7.NQ20186

Studying the Hardness Properties of (ZnxTeCd1-x/PS) Hybrid Composites

Suaad Ibrahim Awaad, Faik Hammad Anter


The hand moulding method was used in preparing composite samples (ZnxTeCd1-x/PS). Polystyrene was used as a matrix material. And the elements (Zn, Te and Cd) in the compound as a reinforced materials by using three different ratios (4%, 8 %, 12%) and different (X) for Zinc & Cadmium, but Tellurium is constant at (2gm). To study the hardness property by using Shore D Device (0-100) HD. It was found that there is gradual increase in the hardness values when the ratios increase.


Polystyrene, ZnxTeCd1-x/PS, Hardness.

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