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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2020.18.7.NQ20191

Measurement of Radon Concentration in Random Samples from Liquefaction Water Network in Al-Kifl District of Babylon / Iraq

Musaab Khudhur Mohammed, Maher Hassan Rashid


An estimate has been made in this research of radon (Rn) concentration level and the annual effective dose in rivulet and river in AL-Kifl District of Babylon Province-Iraq. In this article, a samples of the water from 10 regions have been used and probe it by the electronic radon detector (RADH2O) to investigate the radon concentration. The highest measured value is about (2.64) Bq•L-1 and the minimum measured rate is about (0.0362) Bq•L-1. The effective dose for human exposure to radon rate was (2.43 Sv.y-1). According to the results of radon (Rn) concentrations and annual effective, it was within permissible and non-dangerous limits in the reign study.


Zn, Cigarette Smoking, Concentration in Random.

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