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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2020.18.7.NQ20192

Generated Markov Basis from HHB

Husein Hadi Abbas, Huda Qusay Hashim


The Markov basis HHB for (n^2-3n)/3 ×3× n/3-contingency tables with two fixed dimensional marginal, when n is a multiple of 3 greater than or equal 6 is found by H.H. Abbas and H.S. Mohammed Hussein in 2014 [3]. In this paper, Generating a Markov base was done by using the extended performance of the Markov base HHB - elements with themselves and Finding the perfect context for it. (n^2-3n)/3. Contingency table with Two-dimensional stability from margins when l∈N. to odd number. Where (n) is (3) multiple larger or equal to (6).


Computational Algebraic Statistics, Contingency Table, Toric Ideal, Move, Markov Basis, Algebra Statistic, Linear Transformation.

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