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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2021.19.11.NQ21170

Characteristics of Left Handed Materials

Thill A. Kadhum Al-Musawi, Samira Adnan Mahdi and Sundus Yaseen Hasan AL-Asadi


Researchers have been interested in studying so-called Left-Handed Metamaterials LHM, which are artificial materials. These materials have unusual characteristics, like negative permittivity and permeability, and therefore negative index. This paper has been discussed some characteristics of LHM by designing a square split ring resonator SRR and simulating with CST microwave studio (Computer Simulation Technology) to get S-parameters. The broadband frequencies (0-30) GHz were taking to specify the effective range of frequencies to work with, which was found to be between (8- 14) GHz. Then, the parameters of SRR have been varied such as split width on, gap width, metal width, rod width and metal material. The measurements show some of parameters have been affected the values of resonance frequency and the others are not. Also, the negative values of permittivity, permeability, and refractive index have been approved.


Split-ring Resonator, Left-Handed Metamaterials, S-parameters.

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