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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.1.NQ22323

Spatial Analysis of Some Soil Characteristics in Baqbah City-Diyala-Iraq Using Remote Sensing and GIS

A.B. Khalaf, A.S.M. Abat


This study was conducted in the district of Baquba within the province of Diyala in central Iraq between latitudes 44º 35 ' 50. 239" - 44º 36 ' 31 .123" and 33º 40ʹ 48.494- 33º 41ʹ 13.404 an area of 145.123 km2, for the purpose of studying the attributes of soil (Texture, Organic Material, pH and Electrical Conductivity (EC), we have depended on the field survey and choose 30 random samples deeply 0- 30 cm per sample, GPS users to determine the samples. We used a satellite image for LANDSAT8 pick up on 24/12/2021, the results of laboratory analysis of soil samples indicated that soil tissue was soft to medium in most samples and the values of pH ranged from 7.0 - 8.3, which are neutral Nutral Soils to medium alkaline soils and ranged EC values for the region Study between 5.75-58 ds.m-1 and Organic Material values ranged from 0.3-18%.


Remote Sensing, GIS, Organic Material, Soil Texture

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