DOI: 10.14704/nq.2017.15.2.1039

Theory of Telepathy: an Alternative Interpretation of Psychotic Experiences and Some Tips for Recovery

Anna Cornelia Beyer


Usually, telepathy occurs when there is no honest and/or open communication or when communication is necessary but not possible. If there is communication taking place that ‘feels’ honest, usually no telepathy from this source occurs. Honesty in communication can usually be determined by various indicators, all of which are not definite: eye contact, calm voice, or voice with reasonable emotionality (according to a situation), communication that can be understood and that seems logical etc. The important point to make is that telepathy usually occurs when there is an obvious breakdown or distortion in communication (i.e. if things are left unsaid or if things cannot be communicated or are deliberately hidden). In addition, telepathy usually, but by far not always, is known to occur under situations of intense emotions. For example, twins or mothers with their babies are known to be telepathically connected when there is an emergency. However, it is likely that it also can occur under less dramatic circumstances, in particular after a trauma (cf. Royal 2015).


telepathy; psi; abnormal psychology; mental illness

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