DOI: 10.14704/nq.2006.4.3.105

Short Odyssey of Teruaki Nakagomi

Teruaki Nakagomi


1951/Dec-1970/Mar, Yamanashi pref. He was born as the third child of Masaharu and Tsuneko in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan, on Dec.17, 1951, and grew up there up to the age of 18 when he finished high school, seeing Mt. Fuji almost everyday unless covered with clouds. He had a tendency of mind toward principles hidden behind variety of things. 1970/Apr-1991/Aug, Kyoto, Japan In this period, he lived in Kyoto, four yeas as an undergraduate at Kyoto University, and the rest years as graduate and postdoctoral in an ambiguous status, including half a year stay at Camerino, Italy from February, 1986, invited by Professor Bernard Lavenda.


Teruaki Nakagomi

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