DOI: 10.14704/nq.2017.15.3.1083

Effects of Neurofeedback on Panic Disorder Patients’ anxiety

Yan LU, Chunmei WANG, Lingjin SU, Zhiwen MA, Sijin LI, Yulan Fan


To examine the effectiveness of a 7-weeks neurofeedback training programme to improve increased range of alpha band and abnormal anxiety in patients with panic disorder. Randomized controlled trial, conducted at a psychiatric clinic in Southern China. Participants were randomly assigned to a neurofeedback training (n = 10) and a control group (n = 8). The neurofeedback group received a 20-session training to improve abnormal anxiety, but the control group received only routine care with no neurofeedback. Using a two-way MANOVA, the changes in mean abnormal anxiety were significantly higher in the neurofeedback group than in the control group. Furthermore, the changes in mean increased range of alpha band were significantly higher in the neurofeedback group than in the control group. An intervention involving neurofeedback significantly improved abnormal anxiety in crowded places and public places.


Abnormal Anxiety, Intervention, Neurofeedback, Increased Range of Alpha Band

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