DOI: 10.14704/nq.2017.15.3.1094

Influence of a Music Therapy Program to Prevent Somatic Symptom Disorder Pain: An Experimental Study

Bin Wu


This study aimed to develop an effective therapy program for preventing the somatic symptom disorder during the everyday life. Our experimental study randomly assigned the sample of 27 academic students referred to psychiatric clinic to a standard care (n=14) and intervention group (n=13). Students assigned to the music therapy intervention showed a increase in perceived relaxation (pretest: M = 4.35, SD = 0.55; posttest: M = 4.52**, SD = 0.31) and a lower pain intensity (pretest: M = 3.26, SD = 0.33; posttest: M = 3.22*, SD = 0.48). A therapy program composed of musical stimulations may prevent perceived pain in students with somatic symptom disorder. This program can be recommended to academic students in order to prevent psychosomatic pains.


Somatic Symptom Disorder, Music Therapy, Perceived Relaxation, Perceived Pain

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