DOI: 10.14704/nq.2017.15.4.1125

On Possible Role of Telepathy and Telekinesis in Big Bang, Universe Expansion and Life Propagation through the Universe

Alexander Ya. Temkin


We consider here possible involvements of the telepathy, as well as of the psychokinetic effect, to the birth of the World for one Universe as well as Many Universes models. The telepathic information exchange (telepathic interaction) between different parts of a Universe and between Universes (in Many Universes model) may influence the World state, structure and behavior also after Big Bang side by side General Relativity and quantum field processes. For example, a telepathic message can forward to a cosmic object the order to change its trajectory and other parameters of the movement, or/and the order to decay by a certain way etc. Such and other orders may change the development of the Universe (or many Universe World) after Big Bang, as well as to influence the point like state of the World before Big Bang. Of course, the written above can be realized only when there are cosmic objects able to generate messages and send them by the telepathy while others are able to accept and process them (Temkin 1999). The telepathic messages influence the life distribution in Cosmos may be produced by telepathic transport of programs necessary for creation, for example, different DNA molecules. It is considered in the present article. The interaction (collision) of two telepathic messages is considered. As result of it new telepathic messages could be appeared carrying new information, generally speaking, other than the one carried by the initial colliding messages. If the flux of colliding telepathic messages is dense, multi-messages (> 2) collisions may occur producing complicated constructions of information quanta clusters, even able to be considered as the matter, even such as DNA molecules and living beings. It could be one way the matter creation from the information.


telepathy, telekinesis, Big Bang, telepathic messages interaction, DNA molecule creation, information contained in cosmos on human thinking

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