DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.5.1239

Research on Chinese College Teachers' Organization Identity Based on Path Analysis

YU Lei, Xiang Ze Xiong


College teachers are the main body of the development of colleges and universities in China, and their organizational identity degree is related to the survival and development of colleges and universities. This paper uses the path analysis method to study the direct effect and indirect effect of gender, age, education, title and annual income on the organizational identity of college teachers. The results show that there is a weak correlation between the gender and organizational identity of college teachers, and there is a strong correlation between age and education and organizational identity. To improve the degree of organizational identity of teachers, colleges and universities on the one hand to create a good scientific environment to ensure that the title of promotion and fair assessment of justice, the other party to improve teacher income and improve the quality of life of teachers, with particular attention to the growth of female teachers.


College Teachers, Organizational Identity, Path Analysis

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