DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.10.1912

Transpersonal Transformative Experiences: Spiritual and Secular

Stanley Krippner


Transpersonal experiences transcend one’s usual self-identity, and may transform a person’s life. In this study, 25 on-line interviews were conducted with Filipinos who responded positively when asked if they had ever had a “life-changing experience.” The Casto Spirituality Scoring System was used to determine which of these could be considered “spiritual” in nature and which could be considered “secular.” The results provide a means of determining which reported transpersonal transformative experiences would fall into each category. From this perspective, “transpersonal” and “spiritual” are not synonyms, as someone can report a transpersonal experience that has little or no spiritual content.


Castro Spirituality Scoring System, Secular, Spirituality, Transformation, Transpersonal Psychology, Transpersonal Studies, Transpersonal Transformative Experiences

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Supporting Agencies

Preparation of the paper was made possible by the Saybrook University Chair for the Study of Consciousness, Oakland, California, U.S.A., and a special gift from Richard Adams.

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