DOI: 10.14704/nq.2019.17.1.1943

From Magic Matter to Quantum Superposition; A Guide Line to Study on The Origin of Life from Modern Scientific Viewpoint

Hossien Hossieni


The finalization of historical and present disciplines regarding the origin of life will be proposed. This study has started from 19th century primary opinions on instantaneous creation of living matter from non-living matter and magical matter. The evolution theory of Darwin on the origin of life, primordial soup hypothesis, the Urey-Miller experiment and new opinions on the mentioned hypothesis are also stated. I also present the explanation of the origin of life using quantum mechanics and the thoughts in the new field of quantum biology to shed light on the subject of life. Eventually, Photosynthesis, European robins’ mechanism for migration and quantum tunneling in the enzymes are explained. Such information will be viewed in conjunction with a focus on quantum replication, quantum decoherence as well as the most relevant problems in quantum biology


quantum replicator, Darwin, quantum biology, primordial soup, superposition


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