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Quantum Entanglement of Consciousness and Space-Time A Unified Field of Consciousness

Francisco Di Biase


Albert Einstein in 1938 demonstrated that gravity depends from the geometry of a warped space-time, caused by the presence of matter. In 1935 he wrote the famous EPR paper about entanglement, he called “spooky action at distance”, trying to show that quantum physics was incomplete. In the 1970’s Bekenstein and Hawking show black holes have temperature and entropy. Susskind studies (2008) discovered a relantionship between entropy, and area as a consequence of entanglement and Atlan in 1979 and Di Biase in 1999 have been proposing to see entropy as the information and complexity content of a system. Suskind (2008) could quantise space-time developing a quantum theory of gravity demonstrating that the relantionship beween entropy and area is a holographic one. Jacobson (1999) in a brilhant argument shows that entropy multiplied by temperature is the energy of a system and that a simple energy-entropy relantionship can become Einstein’s gravitational equation relating mass energy space-time and quantum information theory.
Maldacena could demonstrate that wormholes would only form if blackholes were quantum-entangled in the outsides a revolutionary conclusion that suggests entanglement is what binds space-time together!
Di Biase ( 1999, 2008,2009, 2011,2014) have been conjecturing that consciousness is non-local quantum information with a status equal to energy, matter, energy and space-time, and Wheeler described an elegant information-participatory universe putting together quantum information theory consciousness and physics with ‘the it from bit’ concept.
Bohm’s ( 1983, 1993) superimplicate order allows us to understanding consciousness, energy and matter as expression varieties of a same informational order. Pribram’s (1991,1997) neural network equation is similar to Schrödinger’s wave equation that allows me to develop an elegant and beautifull holoinformational brain-mind entanglement with the quantum-holographic universe that I see as an extended holoinformational universal conscious interconnectedness.


consciousness, quantum information, holoinformation, blackholes, brain-cosmos entanglement

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