DOI: 10.14704/nq.2019.17.6.2392

Neural Recruitment in Subjective Time Perception in a Non-local Model and the Psychological Nature of Attention

Rajat Kumar Pradhan, Asima Tripathy


We propose that attention is a purely psychological faculty without any corresponding neural centre, though it operates on neural assemblies for its functional aspects. An algebraic attention function is proposed to account for time perception removing the divergence of neural recruitment in the exponential attention function proposed earlier. The equation for subjective time is derived with the non-divergent recruitment. The inherently non-local nature of our model is discussed. The nonlocal nature of attention is discussed in view of recent experimental data indicating instantaneous correlations between spatially separated neural assemblies derived from the neural stem cells of the same individual as well as between human subjects.


attention, time perception, neural recruitment, non-local communication, universal field of consciousness

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