DOI: 10.14704/nq.2010.8.4.301

The Harribance Effect as Pervasive Out-of-Body Experiences: NeuroQuantal Evidence with More Precise Measurements

Michael A. Persinger


A historical summary is presented of the published and unpublished measurements of the physical changes associated with Sean Harribance while he accurately discerned recondite information about others. Reports of his subjective experiences as well as the quantitative electroencephalographic (QEEG), sLORETA, SPECT, and neuropsychological data support the occurrence of measurable and specific out-of-body like states that are strongly correlated with independent ratings of his accuracy of people he does not know but with whom he is spatially proximal. Coherence between theta (Schumann resonance) and gamma activity within the right temporoparietal and frontal regions and his left temporal region is congruent with information acquired by his right hemisphere and interpreted by the left. The quantitative values of the emissions of photons and alterations in the intensity of the geomagnetic field (both equivalent to energies of about 10-11 J/s or 10 pW/m2) around his head during this state were congruent with the estimated numbers of neurons responsible for the QEEG coherence and are strongly indicative of neuroquantological processes that allow an interface between extracerebral energies, neuronal


out-of-body experiences; sensed presence; EEG; theta; gamma; geomagnetic variations; photon emission; neuroquantum effects

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