DOI: 10.14704/nq.2010.8.4.349

On the Possibility That We Think in a Quantum Probabilistic Manner

Elio Conte


My discussion is articulated under the neurological as well as the psychological profile. I insist in particular on the view that mental events arise in analogy with quantum probability fields. I review some results obtained on quantum cognition discussing in detail those that we obtained on quantum interference in mental states during perception-cognition in ambiguous figures. Frequently, I use the approach to quantum mechanics by Clifford algebra. I insist in particular on two recent results. The first is the justification that I obtain of the von Neumann postulate on quantum measurement and the second relates my Clifford demonstration on the logical origins of quantum mechanics and thus on the arising feature that quantum mechanics relates conceptual entities. The whole discussion aims me to support the conclusion that we think in a quantum probabilistic manner.


quantum cognition, Clifford algebra, quantum probability fields, logical origins of quantum mechanics

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