DOI: 10.14704/nq.2011.9.2.380

Inner Speech and The Linguistic Sign: Toward A Quantum Semiology

Gordon Globus


A neuroquantological account of inner speech and the linguistic sign is proposed. “Inner speech,” “meaning,” and “thought,” as well as memory traces and retraces, are defined and located in the theoretical structure of dual mode quantum thermofield brain dynamics. Other-action (sensory input from the environment and the body) and self-action (self-tuning signals generated by the brain itself) are distinguished. Being (presencing) is disclosed in the “between-two” of dual thermofield modes making a match. The link between the signifier aspect and the signified aspect of the semiological sign is that of superposition. In communication the signifier is used to evoke its entangled signified in someone else. The extent to which communication is successful depends on similar self-actions and attunements within linguistic communities. The discussion supports the development of a quantum semiology.


neuroquantology; quantum brain theory; Saussur; Vygotsky; semiology; inner speech; inner voice; linguistic sign; signifier; signified; thermofield brain dynamics

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