DOI: 10.14704/nq.2011.9.3.414

Modes of Dissipation: The Green Episteme and Its Not-So-Green Psychopathologies

Donald Mender


A forward looking alternative to the major past and present Western paradigms of psychological normativity and abnormality is outlined. This novel perspective is linked to the emerging moral power of “green” environmentalism and the immanent life and death struggle to reverse humanity’s fouling of the biosphere. An argument is advanced that such a conceptual re-framing of psychopathology requires foundational recourse both to Penrose’s theory of consciousness as wave function collapse and to a refinement of the anthropic principle. Implications for a possible future “geometric” taxonomy of mental illness are suggested.


alienated labor; anthropic principle; episteme; green energy; heat bath; lensing; many worlds ontology; negentropy; psychopathology; qubit; scalar field

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