DOI: 10.14704/nq.2011.9.3.460

Measuring the Transpersonal: The Research and Mentoring Contributions of Harris Friedman

Cheryl Fracasso, Zeno Franco, Douglas MacDonald, Harris Friedman


Harris Friedman has made a unique contribution to science by constructing the first explicitly transpersonal measure, helping to bring transpersonal psychology into the realm of more conventional science. He has also engaged in a wide range of professional activities during his career, including mentoring younger scholars and professionals. This paper consists of an introduction written by Fracasso on her experiences of being mentored in her graduate education by Friedman, as well as a statement written by Friedman on some of the factors that led to his interest in both transpersonal measurement and mentorship. It concludes with brief contributions by Douglas MacDonald and Zeno Franco, two scholars whom Friedman has helped in his role as a senior scholar. This paper illustrates how personal history can shape one’s later academic interests, as well as the importance for science of passing on traditions across generational divides.


graduate education; Harris Friedman; mentorship; transpersonal psychology

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