DOI: 10.14704/nq.2011.9.4.489

Nested Numeric/Geometric/Arithmetic Properties of shCherbak’s Prime Quantum 037 as a Base of (Biological) Coding/Computing

Nataša Živko Mišić


Numerous arithmetical regularities of nucleon numbers of canonical amino acids for quite different systematizations of the genetic code, which are dominantly based on decimal number 037, indicate the hidden existence of a more universal ordering principle. Mathematical analysis of number 037 reveals that it is a unique decimal number from which an infinite set of self-similar numbers can be derived with the nested numerical, geometrical, and arithmetical properties, thus enabling the nested coding and computing in the (bio)systems by geometry and resonance. The omnipresent fractal structural and dynamical organization, as well as the intertwining of quantum and classical realm in the physical and biological systems could be just the consequence of such coding and computing.


genetic code; nested codes; numeral systems; cyclotomic polynomials and lattice; figurated numbers; biocomputing; golden mean

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