DOI: 10.14704/nq.2011.9.4.496

On Rakočević’s Amino Acid Biosynthetic Precursors Relations

Tidjani Négadi


In a first part of this paper, we consider various partitions of atom and nucleon numbers contained in the six (or seven) bio-synthetic precursors of the twenty canonical amino acids, as designed recently by Rakočević. Several mathematical and chemical categorizations of the precursors are selected and various atom and nucleons numbers partitions are considered. We first establish appropriate passage formulae between all these partitions. In a second part, more links between the chemical numeric structure of the precursors and the numeric chemical numeric structure of the 20 amino acids and the 61 RNA/DNA-codons are derived. Finally, important remarks are made.


amino acid precursors; passage formulae; atom and nucleon numbers

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