DOI: 10.14704/nq.2014.12.1.685

Quantum Superposition in the Retina: Evidences and Proposals

M. R. Khoshbin-e-Khoshnazar


The retina is a light-sensitive layer is structured at the plane outer segments of an array of millions of individual nano-antennas. Apparently, the retina is one of the best known quantum detectors with rod cells able to respond to a single photon. It seems, the retina is an excellent photon counter and quantum processing of information occurs within the retina and subsequent processing of information at the level of neural membranes decrease the quantum efficiency. In this article we review on some evidences of quantum processing in the retina and finally propose some proposal experiments and ideas to detect quantum superposition in the retina.


retina; quantum process; rabi oscilation; spectral hole burning

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