DOI: 10.14704/nq.2014.12.2.711

Two-Body Interaction, Bifurcation, Chaos, Entanglement, and the Mind’s Perception

Jeffrey Stuart Keen


Using the well documented technique of noetics, this paper details the findings for 2-body interactions. As any two bodies separate, several independent observations have confirmed the creation of subtle energy beams, vortices, Cornu spirals, null points, resonance effects, and bifurcation. Currently, the mind is far superior to machines in detecting this complex pattern which is affected dynamically during the separation process. This is a fundamental phenomenon involving universal ratios. For example, to enable 2 circular bodies to interact, their maximum separation distance is their radius raised to the power of the Golden Ratio (1.6108). Similarly, a bifurcation ratio is obtained that equals half the Feigenbaum constant of 4.669. Interesting comparisons are made between identical abstract and solid geometries of the two source objects. Also demonstrated is entanglement between two macro sized bodies. The conclusions provide evidence for consciousness and the mind’s perception being linked to chaos theory, the laws of physics and the structure of universal space-time.


mind; bifurcations; spirals; entanglement; chaos; golden ratio; subtle energies; structure of the universe

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