DOI: 10.14704/nq.2014.12.4.755

The Problem of Conscious Observation in Relativistic Description

Rajat Kumar Pradhan


The role of the conscious observer in Relativity theory is investigated with a view to unifying it with quantum theory on the basis of consciousness. It is argued that contrary to popular belief, the relativistic observer is not merely the reference frame i.e. the scaffolding of meter-sticks and clocks, but is also conscious. This fact has remained hidden for long since classical measurements have been taken to end with the interaction of the system with the apparata, whether any conscious observer subsequently reads the resulting pointer state of the apparata or not. However, Quantum theory demands that the measurement process be carried to its logical conclusion by the observation of the results and this must also be described by the theory. The aim in this article is to scrutinize the role of the conscious observer hidden in relativity theory so that a new basis for unification of quantum theory with relativity emerges from it. Generalized definitions in Relativity are provided and the eight specific bases of relativity, four each for the objective and the subjective categories, are delineated.


consciousness; conscious observer; quantum measurements; subjective relativity; objective relativity; theory of perception

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