DOI: 10.14704/nq.2014.12.4.770

Nonlocal Correlations in Macroscopic Systems: Living Objects, Mental Influence and Physical Processes

Rafik Sargsyan, Gagik Karamyan


The paper presents the result of studies carried out with the help of device developed by us where the measured parameter is the intensity of scattered light inside closed casing. The device allows to non-invasively and remotely detecting signals from biological objects (plants, animals and human), as well as physical processes. From other side, the inanimate substances in environment temperature do not affect device’s signals, except water. Also it is established that some persons with high extrasensory abilities (i.e. healers) can influence the signals form. It is shown that the variation of the device’s readings depends on various factors, characterizing the experimental conditions, i.e. influence of observer and studied object. Particularly, it is shown that signals’ changes characterize the physiological state of biological systems and the device can serve as a novel biomedical instrument. The analysis of the registered signals carried out by the software packages OriginPro and LabView has proved that observed effects are statistically reliable and always reproducible. It is found out that the nature of observed phenomena is not associated with known classical interaction channels. A concept that explains these effects, based on the quantum mechanical approach is proposed.


biosensor; non-invasive detection; biological objects; light scattering; macroscopic quantum effects

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