DOI: 10.14704/nq.2014.12.3.783

Multiple States of Consciousness in a Point of Time: Inadequacy of Psychological Constructs and Need for Quantum Perspectives

Jie Huang, Ravi Prakash, Michele Caponigro


A much repeated theme in spiritual experiences is that the subject often feels that he can experience multiple states at the same time or he can experience multiple states of time. This theme of simultaneous multiple states of awareness are a unique subject the scientific understanding of which remains almost nil. The most common simultaneously existing states of awareness recorded in the spiritual literature is that of an inner blissful state of awareness along with the awareness of the outer world perceived through the sensory flow of information. On one hand, the inner state of blissfulness (a meditative/spiritual experience) is a realm of unique world which encompasses a plethora of strange and unique experiences. At the same time, the reported awareness of the outer world perceived through the sensory flow of information is the same as always. At present, there is no psychological construct which could explain such an existence and mostly such experiences have been rejected as para-psychological or mystical. However, before rejecting the very theme of dual-consciousness at the outset, it is important to evaluate the possibility of simultaneous existence multiple experiences in other disciplines. In fact, such a theme has some analogies in quantum mechanics. It is a well-known fact that quantum states exist in multiple superimpositions of space time probabilities. In this article, we will explore another under -studied concept of quantum mechanics- the many minds view (MMV). We will explore the perspectives of MMV from the vantage points of both Albert & Loewer as well as that of Lockwood. At the end of this exploration we will be concluding that in both of these versions of MMV, the existence of multiple states of consciousness is an arguable possibility and thus MMV can be explored further for explaining these mystical consciousness experiences.


Multiple States of Consciousness; meditation; spiritual experience; many-mind view

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