DOI: 10.14704/nq.2006.4.1.83

ProtoScience and NeuroQuantology

Sultan Tarlacı


Neuroscience is a very interdisciplinary field. You can come at it from many different directions. There are also many different approaches from very simple organisms to very complex and many different disciplines that come into the study of the brain at multiple different levels of discourse from very integrative to very reductionist. This is a great time for neuroscience. We have many new tools that are very exciting and we are ready to bring all of it together so that we can understand brain function. It is really only now that we have what we need to go forward. Obviously we need significant funding and man and woman power, but we have the intellectual resources that are important to make significant and dramatic progress, and we will have the opportunity to keep going. We really hope it will let us do what we can do.


neuroscience; protoscience; neuroquantology; quantum mind

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