DOI: 10.14704/nq.2015.13.3.840

The Problem of Subjectless Consciousness in some Western and Eastern Traditions

Tatyana Lifintseva, Diana Gasparyan


The research investigates the concept of a “subjectless consciousness” and deconstruction of a classical subject in Western philosophy of the XX-th XXI-th century (especially in structuralism and post-structuralism). It also investigates the “non-dual” consciousness (jñāna), “understanding wisdom” (prajñāpārmitā) and an extra-subjective “consciousness treasury” (ālayavijñāna) in Māhāyana Buddhism (darśanas of mādhyamaka-śūnyavāda and yogacāra-vijñānavada). It also explores a clarification to what degree the Western concepts of “subjectless consciousness“, «extra-subject consciousness”, “structural apriori”, “rhizome” etc. may be correlated with the concepts of Māhāyana Buddhist philosophy.


subjectless consciousness; western philosophy; eastern philosophy; māhāyana philosophy, buddhism, poststructural philosophy; postmodernism

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Supporting Agencies

This research carried out in 2015 was supported by The Russian Foundation for Humanities (RFH) grant ‘Conceptual Analysis of ‘The Renaissance of Transcendent’ in Contemporary European Philosophy (№13-03-00573).

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